Thursday, April 2, 2009

What’s the best idea you ever had?

I LOVE this conversation! People tell me the best stories.

“I had this GREAT idea once!”

And they ARE great. I talk with people and they share truly great ideas that have occurred to them.

So what’s the problem? Why aren’t these people rich and famous? Why haven’t their ideas changed the world?

Well, some of them have. I meet people who have had great ideas, and they have seen their ideas come to fruition and work, just as they envisioned them. That’s fun. It’s inspiring, and it’s worth talking about.

But what about all those great ideas that never became more than just a great idea someone once had? How do we take our great ideas to the next level?

A great piece of Oak is still a great piece of Oak, even before it’s been worked into a great piece of furniture.

But that’s just a frustrating piece of nonsense if I can’t tell you how to work your idea.

Well maybe I can.

The first thing you need is feedback. Don’t worry, no one’s going to steal your idea.

Well, probably not. But statistically, no one’s going to steal your idea. But even if they do, it’s a mistake NOT to share your idea for fear of having it stolen. You need positive and negative comments about your idea from people with WORTHWHILE opinions.

Second, you need to educate yourself. Go to the library, get on the internet, and find out everything about every aspect of the idea you’ve had and the industries, trends and people it will affect.

Third, you need to brainstorm. This is different from feedback. Brainstorming is getting people involved with your idea. Getting people to invest time, effort or thought into your idea. The challenge here is for you to be open minded during the brainstorming process. Your idea might go through some changes.

And sharing? Yes, you’ll have to share your idea. Remember that your idea in many hands will have more room to grow. Would you rather have 100% of $100.00, or 10% of $1,000,000.00?

So, what’s the greatest idea you’ve ever had? Tell me about it, I’d really like to hear.

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  1. That reminds me of a story:

    A guy wakes up in the middle of the night with a GREAT idea. He wakes his wife, and tells her the idea. She's SO excited. They turn on the light and sit in bed talking over all the possibilities. They take some notes and go back to sleep.
    The next morning they are STILL very excited about they idea. The man's wife gives him a kiss and a big hug of congratulations as they ponder the future of the great idea.
    Leaving the house, this man sees his neighbor, who asks about his excitement.
    The man tells the neighbor about the idea.
    "That will NEVER work! That's a TERRIBLE idea!"
    The man is totally deflated. His posture slumps.
    "You're right, it's a terrible idea that would never work."
    The neighbor leaves our hero and heads off to his job as a street sweeper.
    Moral: Don't take the opinions of others so seriously. Believe in your ideas.