Saturday, April 4, 2009

Another Joke, and something more about me.

Okay, I said we’d have jokes here, and here’s another.
But first:
We’re also going to have some confessions here.
For example:
Today I’m going to tell you how I forget how to spell when I get excited or flustered or angry.
I’ll try to use the spell check, and I’ll try to do some editing when I find problems, but please note that I won’t be offended if you point out my spelling and gramme.. gram.. g… word order problems.
I just hope you’ll never come here and think: “What is it with this guy? Is he some kind of moron?”
Answer to that will come later.

In the mean time, laugh it up:

A woman’s husband got a little carried away and began to flirt with the gorgeous blonde playing the piano at the party. But in the course of his exploits he bumped the piano cover and it fell on his hands, so the couple had to leave early.
“Remind me to put a cold pack on your black eye when we get home,” said the wife.
“But I haven’t got a black eye,” he corrected.
“You’re not home yet,” she reminded.

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