Friday, May 15, 2009

Almost missed the Ogden Kiwanis Club.

It would have been a tragedy.
Xochil came with me again to help, and I was glad to have her with me.
Mom was stranded with a vehicle that wouldn’t start at the DATC, and we scrambled to help her. We didn’t think it would put us behind schedule, but it did. Then we chose to take the 31st Street exit in Ogden, and found ourselves in the middle of construction.
So we were late.
I hate that, and I felt very bad about it.
But the Ogden club was understanding and welcoming.
They meet at Rickenbacker’s near the Ogden Airport, and we found that it’s a really fun place.
We talked a lot about deference in the service of others. This is something I’m passionate about.
I truly believe that service without interest leaves a bad taste. Service without understanding and appreciation just doesn’t work. Service without deference is just self interest.
Now, I had more than one person tell me that they needed to look up the word ‘deference’ to be sure that they really understood it.
I do that too!
We need to look things up, find out for ourselves, make sure we really understand things. That’s the whole point.
When we explore things to make sure we really understand them, we are lead down a path of discovery that takes us to new adventures and new points of view.
We also had the Key Club with us yesterday, and I am always grateful for that.
Young people today are outstanding. If they’re taking an interest in participating in Kiwanis, you can be sure that our future is in good hands.

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  1. Nice. I liked that "service without interest " para.nice msg.