Saturday, March 28, 2009


On a beautiful snowy Wednesday morning, I went to Logan to meet with the Logan Kiwanis club.
This is a very impressive club. They are making a big difference in their community. We talked about the possibilities of re-creating events that lead to big changes in people’s lives.
I strongly believe that it is very possible to re-create a successful experience of service. It all comes through forming habits of observing the lives of others and looking for ways to serve.
We have to be sincerely interested in the things that matter to others. We have to learn to find joy in the successes of others.
The one thing we cannot do is expect a reaction from the people we serve that comes from the way we imagine things should play out.
The people we want to serve have the freedom to reject our service, or ignore it. They might not see our service as having any value, or they may try to take advantage of our service for other reasons that may seem very petty or even wrong to us.
But this should never deter us or discourage us.
I believe that if we learn to recognize needs in others and ways to teach and lift, and if we learn to find joy in service, we will have successful experiences in service that can be repeated and re-created.
By the way, we met at the Coppermill Restaurant, which meant that lunch was fantastic.

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