Friday, May 28, 2010

Beautiful day with the Las Vegas Central Rotary Club!

We talked about self sufficiency.

This is a wonderful club with a great spirit. The feeling of welcome among was a good feeling for me as soon as I arrived.

This club is focused on thier purpose.

Thoughts were shared on successful service projects and experiences that had helped people grow and achieve.

That's what "Teach a Man to Fish" is all about. Gestures and efforts that lift someone that maybe struggling, even a little, and the results change us all.

I really believe that when you learn something new, change your life for the better, or reach out to serve another, you've made the whole of the human race better. It's simple science. If we are all part of one great thing, the Human Race, then we all grow and improve when any one of us lifts or is lifted.

Lunch was great, the Country Club is very historic, and it was a WONDERFUL day over all!

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